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“Undinė” ( „Mermaid“)
The rest house in Šventoji

Only 100 meters till the sea-sand! Quality compatible to price! 

   „Undinė“ is brand new coplex of rest hauses in Šventoji. It was built in 2014. This place is well-known by some generations for many years, who used to spend holyday in Šventoji. This rest house had a name „Aušra“.

   Now old and without user-friendlines wooden cottages are reconstructed to the brand new, modern and cosy rest houses.

   We offer to spend your holyday in wooden, Scandinavian style cottages. All rooms have separate facilities: toilet, shower, mini kitchen: microwave, kettle, dishes, fridge, TV, wireless Internet (Wi-Fi), entrances and terraces for each room are separate.

   Rest house „Undinė“ is located in very handily place: to go on foot to the downtown of Šventoji takes about 5 min; the sea is so close that you can walk directly to the beach dressed by beachwear!

   We accept groups of people up to 60 persons.

   People, who request to spend holiday with own pets, must inform clerk of the rest house and get a permission from him (her). Puppies Only up to 5kg are accepted.

   Cancellations and changes are possible 14 days before arrival. The reservation is subject to a 30% deposit, which is calculated from the total paid amounts.

   The prepayment is non-refundable in case of non-arrival in agreed time.

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